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[NY] - Gallery of Grand Masters
Dates of Service Name and Title :
x - 1880; Jesse B. Anthony;
Most Worshipful Past Grand Master
Description :
Grand Master of Masons in the State of New York; 1880
Lodge Name Number Location and State :
King Solomon's Primitive Lodge No. 91; Troy; NY
Lodge Title and Year :
Master; 1867; 1868; 1869
Royal Arch Chapter Name and Number :
RoyalArch; Apollo Chapter No. 48
Royal Arch Title and Year :
High Priest; 1872; 1873; 1874; 1875; 1876; Grand Lecturer of the Grand Chapter for three terms
Royal and Select Masters Council Name and Number :
RoyalAndSelectMaster s; Bloss Council No. 14
Royal and Select Masters Title and Year :
Thrice Illustrious Master
Knights Templar Commandery Name and Number :
KnightsTemplar; Apollo Commandery No. 15
Knights Templar Title and Year :
Prelate; Eminent Commander; He served on the Foreign Correspondence Committee for the Grand Commandery
Mystic Shrine Name :
MysticShrine; Oriental Temple
Mystic Shrine Title and Year :
Organizer and first Potentate, serving for ten years
Scottish Rite Degree and Consistory Name :
ScottishRite; 33; Albany Sovereign Consistory
Scottish Rite Title and Year :
Grand Lodge Office and Year :
GrandLodge-Office; Grand Master; 1880; Deputy Grand Master; 1879; Senior Grand Warden; 1874; 1875; 1876; 1877; 1878; District Deputy Grand Master Twelfth District; 1873; 1874; Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Correspondence of the Grand Lodge for fifteen years
Born :
1838, December 16
Raised :
1860, February 23
Died :
1905, May 26
Other 1 :
M..W.. Jesse Barker Anthony laid the cornerstone of the Egyptian Obelisk in Central Park on October 9, 1880 as well as presiding over the ceremonies in celebration of the centennial of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of New York, held in the Academy of Music in New York City in June of 1881.
Other 2 :
He was a member of the Provincial Grand Lodge of the Royal Order of Scotland in the United States as well as being the organizer and first President of the Masonic Veteran Association of Troy and vicinity.
Other 3 :
When the Masonic Home at Utica, NY was about to be opened in 1893, M.. W.. Brother Anthony was selected as Superintendent, serving until the day of his death; 1893; 1894; 1895; 1896; 1897; 1898; 1899; 1900; 1901; 1902; 1903; 1904; 1905
Other 4 :
An article in the Masonic Standard titled 'Death of Bro. Anthony - New York Masonry Loses one of Its Brightest Ornaments' gave an account of the life of M..W.. Anthony as the following excerpts show:

"Brother Anthony had performed the funeral service of Bro. Samuel B. Garnsey, an inmate of the Home since its opening in 1893. He was particularly fond of Bro. Garnsey, and delivered a most touching eulogy. He accompanied the remains to the Home Cemetery, which is about a mile distant and performed the Masonic burial service at the grave. He walked to the cemetery, but after the ceremonies he was persuaded to enter one of the carriages to ride back to the Home. After a short distance had been traversed an aged inmate of the Home was overtaken and Bro. Anthony, with characteristic generosity, got out of the carriage and gave his place to the aged brother. He started to walk, but had not gone far when he fell to the ground. Dr. E. J. Stephens of the medical staff was speedily summoned, but he found that Superintendent Anthony was dead. Dr. Stephens said that Bro. Anthony had been under a great strain for some time...
Jesse B. Anthony was one of the most distinguished Masons New York has ever produced, and was not only respected for his attainments as a Masonic scholor and jurist, but was universally beloved by the great family at the Home, who regarded him as their friend and protector...His work as a reviewer and commentator gained for him world-wide fame, and made a deep and lasting impression upon Masonic literature and jurisprudence. He was widely quoted, and everywhere his statements were regarded as authoritative.
"During his incumbency as Superintendent of the Home, his work received the unqualified praise and commendation of every Grand Master and every Board of Trustees. He mastered all the details of the Home, and conducted it on such business principles that it became one of the greatest institutions of the kind in the country.
Other 5 :
His chief characteristic was his great executive ability. He was broad enough to plan comprehensively for the institution, not only for today, but for years to come, to decide on the best policy for procedure and then to carry it out to the minutest detail His work was done quietly, without ostentation or fuss, and people only saw the result and did not see the man. He was, as he always sought to be, inconspicuous, but he pursued his work with devotion and dignity. Any institution with over 300 inmates often presents serious problems in its administration, but whatever they were, Superintendent Anthony met and solved them, wisely and successfully, and there was never a ripple on the surface to disturb the smoothness and serenity of the daily life of the inmates.
Mrs. Anthony, who was a Miss Catherine A. Bogardus, was the Matron of the Home, and ably seconded Bro. Anthony in all his work. Her death, which occurred several years ago, caused profound sorrow and was regarded as a personal affliction by every member of the Home.
Associated Names :
Bro. Samuel B. Garnsey; Dr. E. J. Stephens; Miss Catherine A. Bogardus
Image :
Images are from the Biography Files:
Image 1: Photograph by Peter A. Juley & Son, New York, NY of an oil painting
Images 2 and 3 have no photographer credit. Image 3 was printed in the Masonic Standard, June 3, 1905
References :
Lang, Ossian and Singer, Herbert T., "New York Freemasonry, A Bicentennial History 1781-1981", under Grand Master Bruce Widger, Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of New York, 1981;
Masonic Standard, June 3, 1905
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Jesse B. Anthony

x - 1880; Jesse B. Anthony;
Most Worshipful Past Grand Master