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Collection name:
[NY] - A Art Paintings Etchings Engravings, Etc.
Title :
A55-29; Drawing, by Henry Alexander Ogden, Scottish Rite 27th degree costume
Description :
Original watercolor drawing by Henry Alexander Ogden showing the Scottish Rite's 27th degree costume of the 'King of Poland'.
Artifact Date and Number :
1800s, late; A55-29
Accession Date :
1900s, mid
Manufacture Time Period :
MTP5 (1851-1900)
Accession Time Period :
ATP5 (1951-1985)
Card Number :
Nomenclature Term :
Measurements in cm :
L: 35.4 W: 16.8
Materials :
Cardboard; paint; paper; ink; glue; tape remnants
Artifact Scottish Rite Degree and Consistory Name :
ScottishRite; 27th Degree; Commander of the Temple, Chapter of Rose Croix HRDM
Symbols :
Eagle; sword; cross; crown
Artifact Manufacturer or Artist :
Henry Alexander Ogden
Manufacturer Location and State :
; NJ
Manufacturer Other :
Henry Alexander Ogden lived from 1856-1936 and is considered to be the ultimate authority on United States Army regalia. Many of his works of art are held at the New York Historical Society.
Associated Names :
King of Poland; (signature) Henry Alexander Ogden
Donor :
Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, Valley of New York
Donor Scottish Rite Degree and Consistory Name :
Donor Other :
Donated by the Grand Lodge Scottish Rite office when they were closing their office at 23rd Street.
Condition :
Details :
Image wearing a green below-the-knee length tunic with white lining and a large black shield shape with gold trim and a gold eagle on the chest. Worn over a hooded chain mail shirt with mittens, the left hand holding the mitten for the right hand, right hand holding up cloak. Worn over all is long white cloak with hood and green lining and with a red cross barely visible on the upper left. Wearing chain mail leggings and shoes with spurs and green and gold accents across the top of the shoe. Wearing a black and gold sword belt wrapped once around the waist and then attached to a sword in a black and gold scabbard. Worn over the chain mail hood is a rounded silver helmet over which is a gold crown with jewels. The back has handwritten directions as to how costume should look, with a note added indicating the name of the person who would be wearing the costume. It was framed with plastic front and back, held at sides with black tape and with costume instructions typed and glued to the back.
AIS details :
Numerous costume drawings by Henry Alexander Ogden
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Photography Information :
Camera: Canon Digital Rebel EOS; Lighting: Eiko Supreme Photoflood ECA 120 volt; Editing: Adobe Photoshop; Rule: 1 centimeter black white ruler; Photographer: Catherine M. Walter; Image, Data and Research: Courtesy of the Chancellor Robert R Livingston Masonic Library of Grand Lodge, New York
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A55-29; Drawing, by Henry Alexander Ogden, Scottish Rite 27th degree costume