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[NY] - A Art Paintings Etchings Engravings, Etc.
Title :
A53-127 a; Print, Book of the Lodge
Description :
A richly-colored lithograph print, page number one [a] of a set of fourteen Masonic Emblems that symbolize the Three Degrees of Masonry. Following the fourteen color lithographs are: a sample Master Mason certificate, two pages showing the different Jewels of Office and eight pages of Songs for use during rituals. Two incomplete sets of plates mounted on cardboard as well as the bound book [numbered M14.2 M23] are merged in this online record to present a complete set.
Artifact Date and Number :
1855; A53-127 a
Accession Date :
1900s, early
Manufacture Time Period :
MTP5 (1851-1900)
Accession Time Period :
ATP3 (1901-1925)
Card Number :
Nomenclature Term :
Measurements in cm :
L: 37.8 W: 30.4 H: 4.2 (set)
Materials :
Paper; cardboard; metal; paint (gold); ink (multi-color)
Symbols :
Dome; arch; eight-point star; column -s; keystone; sun-chariot; moon-chariot; horoscope (ram; bull; twins; lobster; lion; hearth-tender; scales; scorpion; centaur with bow and arrow; goat; god with trident and jar pouring water; fish); G; cash-box; key; plume; gavel; altar; three candle -s; square and compasses (both points of the compasses beneath the square) three chair -s; men in costumes from all lands
Artifact Other :
Plate I: The Frontispiece. This elegant illustration represents the interior of a Lodge Room - 'The Temple of Masonry,' - in which the universality of the Fraternity is exhibited by the Masonic Representatives of the various nations of the earth, each in his appropriate national costume, who meet as a band of brothers upon the broad platform of equality, as exemplified in the general and attractive bonds of union by which, as a brotherhood, they are united. Eminence of position, on the one hand, is placed side by side with its reverse - opulence stands beside comparative poverty - the crowned king unites fraternally with the mendicant - yet all blend together in peace and harmony - the high - the low - the rich and the poor, all remember that they were created by one Almighty Parent; and, linked together in sincere affection, they beautifully illustrate the cosmopolitan character of the Craft, fully portraying the motto, Universality - Fraternity - Equality. Brother George Washington presides in the East, as Worshipful Master; Brother Gilbert Mottier (sic) Lafayette occupies the West, as Senior Warden; and Brother Benjamin Franklin assists in the South, as Junior Warden." (Macoy, 1855)
Artifact Other 2 :
Robert Macoy
Author :
Book of the Lodge
Written Work Title :
Clark, Austin & Smith; Executed by Br. A. Weingartner; Print by Nagel & Weingartner
Artifact Manufacturer or Artist :
New York; NY
Manufacturer Location and State :
Publishers, 3 Park Row; Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1855 by Robert Macoy in the Clerk's Office of the District Court for the Southern District of New York
Associated Names :
Subject: Robert Macoy
Owner or Subject :
Lebanon Lodge No. 13; New York; NY
Owner or Subject Lodge Name Number Location and State :
RoyalArch; Orient Chapter No. 1 (1848)
Owner or Subject Royal and Select Masters Council Name and Number :
KnightsTemplar; Orient Encampment No. 1 (1851); Morton Commandery No. 4; Eminent Commander of Morton Commandery (1851); Grand Recorder of the Grand Commandery of the State of New York (1851; 1852; 1853; 1854; 1855; 1856; 1857; 1858; 1859; 1860; 1861; 1862; 1863; 1864; 1865; 1866; 1867; 1868; 1869; 1870; 1871; 1872; 1873; 1874; 1875; 1876; 1877; 1878; 1879; 1880; 1881; 1882; 1883; 1884; 1885; 1886; 1887; 1888; 1889; 1890; 1891; 1892; 1893; 1894; 1895)
Owner or Subject Mystic Shrine Name :
ScottishRite; 33; Supreme Council (1851, March 30); Cosmopolitan Consistory
Owner or Subject Scottish Rite Degree and Consistory Name :
Adelphic Lodge No. 348; New York; NY (1855); Concord Lodge No. 50; New York; NY (1858)
Owner or Subject Affiliated Lodge Name Number Location and State :
Deputy Grand Master; 1856; 1857; Past Grand Secretary (by virtue of serving as Grand Secretary in the St. John's Grand Lodge, he was recognized as Past Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of New York.)
Owner or Subject Grand Lodge Office and Year :
1815, October 4
Owner or subject Date Born :
1848, January 20; (or); 1848, February 3
Owner or subject Date Raised :
1895, January 9
Owner or subject Date Died :
Robert Macoy served as Master of Lebanon Lodge No. 13 in December of 1849, shortly after joining Freemasonry. The following year, 1850, he was elected Grand Secretary of St. John's Grand Lodge. He was a member of the committee that formulated the settlement for the union of the two Grand Lodges in New York City on December 27, 1850.
Owner or Subject Other :
Brother Macoy was responsible for the establishment of the Order of the Eastern Star which was founded in 1867. Brother Macoy was named as Supreme Patron in 1868, after the founder, Brother Robert Morris, passed the title on to him.
Owner or Subject Other 2 :
Robert Macoy's name is most familiar to the Fraternity as the supplier of the paraphernalia, furniture, jewels, costumes and books of Freemasonry. He founded his company in 1849, providing these items. The company exists to this day.
Owner or Subject Other 6 :
GrandLodge-Donor; The Grand Lodge of New York
Donor :
The Grand Lodge of New York; New York; NY
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Condition :
The print is the first in a series of prints that are glued onto backboards of cardboard. The cardboard pages have three metal-reinforced holes on the left edge. Some of the pages are held together with blue ribbon looped through the holes. The backs of the cardboard mounts are lined with a piece of paper printed with a green silk-pattern design. The borders of the cardboard mounts have a thick, textured, black paper covering that is stamped with a gold paint floral pattern.
The lithograph is in the center of a white piece of paper that is glued to the cardboard mount. There is a wide border of blank white paper around the image. In the center, close to the edge of the lithograph, there is a thin line border that has a small square shape at each corner that protrudes beyond the plane of the border. Beneath the image is printed in light orange, calligraphic lettering, "Universality - Fraternity - Equality." There is a lightly-printed floral flourish at the beginning and ending of the title. At the lower right corner, in black type is the number 1.
The print shows a Lodge scene with a high dome overhead, a painted sun chariot at the top of the wall on the far side and a painted moon chariot at the top of the wall on the right side. On the second level of the room there is a series of arches. On the right side of the room, two steps above the ground level there is one large arch, within which there is a man seated in a chair, his hand on a small pedestal to his right, upon which is a standing gavel. On a step below his seat are two men holding pikes in chairs facing each other.
On the far wall of the room, three steps above the ground level of the room there is one large arch in the center with a smaller arch on either side. Within the large arch, a man is seated in a central chair below a radiant G which hangs from three chains, and there are three men conversing with him. Under the arch on the left side of the main arch is a man holding a key in front of an open box set on a table. There is a man standing with a pike in front of the entranceway to this arch. Under the arch on the right side of the main arch is a man holding a piece of paper next to a table with plume pens and an indistinguishable object on top.
The view shows the back of a chair facing the room. There is a man seated in this chair, his face obscured. He is speaking with a group of five men dressed in clothing from foreign lands. There is also a man facing this chair dressed in a western suit who is believed to be the author of the book, Robert Macoy.
The wall on the left side of the room is barely delineated, but shows the pipes for an organ on the second level of the room. The floor of the Lodge shows many men, with most of them wearing outfits from foreign lands. There are some men seated in the benches that are line the left and right sides of the room.
In the center of the room is an altar with the square and compasses sitting on top of a book. Both points of the compasses are beneath the square. There are three lit candles on tall candlesticks that rise above the tops of the men_��s heads. There are two candlesticks on the left side of the altar and one on the right.
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Macoy, Robert. Book of the Lodge. Clark, Austin & Smith, New York, 1855 (M14.2 M23 - This is the call number for the book holding the same lithographs, bound and available for viewing at the Chancellor Robert R Livingston Masonic Library of Grand Lodge.)
References :
Camera: Canon Digital Rebel EOS; Lighting: Eiko Supreme Photoflood ECA 120 volt; Editing: Adobe Photoshop; Rule: 1 centimeter black white ruler; Photographer: Catherine M. Walter; Image, Data and Research: Courtesy of the Chancellor Robert R Livingston Masonic Library of Grand Lodge, New York
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A53-127 a; Print, Book of the Lodge