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Collection name:
[NY] - Q Native Materials Stone Wood etc
Title :
Q12-12; Sample, fossil
Description :
A polished fossil found on the top of the Pyramid of Giza.
Artifact Date and Number :
Pre-history; Q12-12
Accession Date :
Manufacture Time Period :
MTP1 (BCE-1700)
Accession Time Period :
ATP2 (1851-1900)
Not Masonic :
Card Number :
Nomenclature Term :
Sample, stone
Measurements in cm :
L: 9.2 W: 5.3
Materials :
Artifact Lodge Name Number Location and State :
; El Giza; Egypt
Artifact Other :
The 1886 catalog record reads: "Shell stone from the top of Pyramid of Gizeh."
Donor :
Charles T. McClenachan; Right Worshipful
Donor Lodge Name Number Location and State :
Munn Lodge No. 190; New York; NY
Donor Royal Arch Chapter Name and Number :
RoyalArch: Metropolitan Chapter No. 140; Ancient Chapter No. 1
Donor Royal and Select Masters Council Name and Number :
RoyalAndSelectMaster s: Union Council No. 1
Donor Knights Templar Commandery Name and Number :
KnightsTemplar: Palestine Commandery No. 18
Donor Scottish Rite Degree and Consistory Name :
ScottishRite; 33; New York Consistory; Cosmopolitan Consistory; Aurora Grata Consistory
Donor Affiliated Lodge Name Number Location and State :
Howard Lodge No. 35
Donor Grand Lodge Office and Year :
GrandLodge-Office: Grand Historian; 1887; 1888; 1889; 1890; 1891; 1892; 1893; 1894; 1895; 1896; Grand Representative of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania near the Grand Lodge of New York; 1889; 1890; 1891; 1892; 1893; 1894; 1895
Donor Date Born :
1829, April 13
Donor Date Raised :
1854, February 24
Donor Date Died :
1896, December 19
See Biography Page :
Biographical Sketches: Charles T. McClenachan
Details :
A polished, irregularly shaped fossil, squared on one side. It is unknown if the fossil was found in this state, or if the polishing and squaring was done by the donor.
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Storage Location :
Medium-size Artifact Box 2; Tray 2
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Photography Information :
Camera: Canon Digital Rebel EOS; Lighting: Eiko Supreme Photoflood ECA 120 volt; Editing: Adobe Photoshop; Rule: 1 centimeter black white ruler; Photographer: Catherine M. Walter; Image, Data and Research: Courtesy of the Chancellor Robert R Livingston Masonic Library of Grand Lodge, New York
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Q12-12; Sample, fossil