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Collection name:
[NY] - Q Native Materials Stone Wood etc
Title :
Q87-1; Stone, Quarries of Israel / Display case
Description :
A stone fragment from the quarries of Israel, held in a handmade wooden display case that is in the shape of a pyramid.
Artifact Date and Number :
2001; Q87-1
Accession Date :
2001, July 24
Manufacture Time Period :
MTP8 (2001-2050)
Accession Time Period :
ATP7 (2001-2025)
Card Number :
Nomenclature Term :
Stone / Case, display
Measurements in cm :
L: 15.3 W: 15.1 H: 12.8
Materials :
Wood; felt; stone; paper; ink (black; silver); metal; glue; coating
Artifact Lodge Name Number Location and State :
Shimshon Lodge No. 46; Ashkelon; Israel
Ha'ogen Lodge No. 79; Ashdod; Israel
Artifact Other :
The interior of the box is lined with thin, blue velvet, which is glued into place. Glued onto the velvet, directly in front of the stone, is a silver, rectangular label with information printed on it in black ink. Printed within a black ink rectangle, in upper and lower case block print as follows, is:
"Presented on behalf of the
"Worshipful Masters and Brethren of
Pr inted above the black ink rectangle, in upper and lower case block print as follows, is:
"Hand Made by the Bro. Abel Duvilanski."
Artifact Manufacturer or Artist :
Abel Duvilanski
Owner or Subject :
Carl J. Smith; Most Worshipful
Owner or Subject Lodge Name Number Location and State :
Mt. Vernon Lodge No. 263; Java Village; NY
Owner or Subject Royal Arch Chapter Name and Number :
RoyalArch; Tonawanda Chapter No. 278
Owner or Subject Royal and Select Masters Council Name and Number :
RoyalAndSelectMaster s; Hamburg Council No. 91
Owner or Subject Mystic Shrine Name :
MysticShrine; Ismailia Temple
Owner or Subject Scottish Rite Degree and Consistory Name :
ScottishRite; Valley of Buffalo
Owner or Subject Affiliated Lodge Name Number Location and State :
Northeast Lodge No. 995 (now Amherst Lodge No. 981); Williamsville; NY; Justice No. 753, Dual Membership; Drumlin Square No. 1180
Owner or Subject Grand Lodge Office and Year :
GrandLodge-Office; Grand Master; 2000; 2001; Deputy Grand Master; 1998; 1999; Senior Grand Warden; 1996; 1997; Grand Standard Bearer; 1995; Deputy Grand Standard Bearer; 1993; 1994; Chairman of the Grand Master's Advisory Committee; Long Range Planning Committee; Western Region Liaison Officer
Owner or Subject Other :
DeMolay Foundation; York Rite College; Red Cross of Constantine; Sylvanus F. Nye Council No. 37, Allied Masonic Degrees; Royal Order of Scotland
Donor :
Carl J. Smith; Most Worshipful
Donor Other :
In the letter Grand Master Smith sent to the Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of the State of Israel, he writes, "...Although I had been out-of-town when Brother Abel Duvilanski visited our offices in New York City, it was indeed a delightful surprise to find a gift consisting of a stone fragment within a special wooden display case from the quarries of Israel awaiting my return.
"I would be fraternally grateful if you would advise Brother Duvilanski and the Brethren of your Shimshon Lodge No. 46 and Ha'ogen Lodge No. 79 that their gift iwll hold a prominent place upon the bookshelves of my office."
See Biography Page :
Gallery of Grand Masters; Carl J. Smith
Details :
A cream colored stone held in a pyramid-shaped, wooden box which is made with three triangles of wood held together with small nails. The wood has numerous scratches and cross-hatching is infused with a thick, shiny coating. There are numerous insect bored holes in the wood. The box has one open side, and the stone is held in the angle opposite the open side. The stone is held in place by a screw through the bottom. There are a few angled scratches on the face of the stone, which is a soft stone that sheds small flakes.
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AIS details :
Acknowledgment letter; copy of business card of artist
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Storage Location :
1 5 4
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Photography Information :
Camera: Canon Digital Rebel EOS; Lighting: Eiko Supreme Photoflood ECA 120 volt; Editing: Adobe Photoshop; Rule: 1 centimeter black white ruler; Photographer: Catherine M. Walter; Image, Data and Research: Courtesy of the Chancellor Robert R Livingston Masonic Library of Grand Lodge, New York
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Q87-1; Stone, Quarries of Israel / Display case