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[NY] - O Obsolete Technology
Title :
O64-2; Thermometer, Acacia Lodge No. 327, NY
Description :
A beehive-shaped standing thermometer that commemorated the 75th Anniversary of Acacia Lodge No. 327, NY.
Artifact Date and Number :
1928; O64-2
Accession Date :
1900s, early-mid
Manufacture Time Period :
MTP6 (1901-1950)
Accession Time Period :
ATP4 (1926-1950)
Card Number :
Nomenclature Term :
Measurements in cm :
H: 13.3 D: 8
Materials :
Metal (composite); coating (black; red); paper; ink (black; red; green); glass
Symbols :
Artifact Lodge Name Number Location and State :
Acacia Lodge No. 327; New York; NY
Artifact Other :
The Petition of Acacia Lodge No. 327 was written in 1853. The Dispensation was granted on November 4, 1853 and the Warrant was granted on June 20, 1854.
On January 30, 1979, Acacia Lodge No. 327 merged with Continental Lodge No. 287 to become Continental Lodge No. 287, New York, NY.
"As a feature of the seventy-fifth anniversary of its founding, Acacia Lodge No. 327, held a dinner-dance November 10, at the Hotel Roosevelt. Five Hundred guests were present. The Master, W. August Seitz, served most efficiently as toastmaster...To the ladies on this happy occasion, souvenirs were presented in the form of beautiful boudoir clocks, the gentlemen receiving thermo-dials designed in the form of beehives. The guests also received a carefully prepared history of the Lodge, printed in an attractive format. When the dinner and speaking program had been concluded, the guests devoted the remainder of the celebration to dancing." (Outlook, 1929)
Artifact Manufacturer or Artist :
Thermo-Dial Laboratory
Manufacturer Location and State :
Newark; NJ
Manufacturer Other :
The Art Thermometer; Pat. Jan. 10, 1922, other pat. pending
Donor :
The Grand Lodge of New York
Donor Lodge Name Number Location and State :
Grand Lodge of New York; New York; NY
Details :
A thermometer standing on a base divided into a triangular shape with concave sides. Each point of the triangular shape is grooved and curls upwards at the base. The base has a oval-shaped gold-toned plaque, the upper side of which has a convex curve. There are two screws holding the plaque in place. On the plaque is written, in all-capital, block lettering, "ACACIA NO. 327 F. & A. M 1853-1928." There is a rectangular shape in front of "No. 327." The plaque has a wide, smooth border.
Details 2 :
Above the base is a funnel-shaped stand upon which is the thermometer. The thermometer is shaped like a beehive with progressively smaller ridges until it comes to a point at the top, which is surmounted by a small ball.
Details 3 :
Beneath the ridged beehive shape is a smooth, perpendicular section within which is a rectangular shaped window. Behind the window is a temperature gauge. The temperatures are printed in different color inks. Those visible are green, black and red. Midway along the length of the window on the upper and lower sides are indented points which are painted red to create a heart-shaped indicator of the temperature. Beneath the perpendicular section is a rounded ridge which protrudes past the plane of the beehive. The entire thermometer is coated with a green-speckled black coating.
Details 4 :
The two sides of the base which are not covered by a plaque have an engraved pattern of two circular shapes.
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AIS details :
Label (in plastic bag)
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References :
The New York Masonic Outlook, The Board of General Activities of the Grand Lodge, F. & A. M., State of New York, Boonville, NY, Vol. V, No. V, January 1929, pg. 146
Photography Information :
Camera: Canon Digital Rebel EOS; Lighting: Eiko Supreme Photoflood ECA 120 volt; Editing: Adobe Photoshop; Rule: 1 centimeter black white ruler; Photographer: Catherine M. Walter; Image: Courtesy of the Chancellor Robert R Livingston Masonic Library of Grand Lodge, New York
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O64-2; Thermometer, Acacia Lodge No. 327, NY